Do I need to buy a domain and hosting for Shopify?

Many are familiar with Shopify and its offerings. Still there are still some doubts regarding Shopify’s domain and hosting offering. “Do I need to buy a domain and hosting for Shopify?” is a question that many wonder about.In this article we have tried answering the question “Do I need to buy a domain and hosting for Shopify?”

Do I need to buy a domain and hosting for Shopify?
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Do I need to buy a domain for Shopify?

To put it bluntly – No. You do not need to buy a domain for Shopify. While registering your store on Shopify you are provided with a free domain name that perfectly works for your online store. The domain looks like “”. However it is advisable to have a custom domain like “” for your website.

Benefits of custom domain

  • Your online store a more professional look and feel.
  • Make it easier for customers to remember and find your website.
  • Build a brand identity and stand out from competitors.
  • help you improve your websites search engine ranking
  • Make your online store look more trustworthy and established, which can help build customer confidence in your business.

Pros and Cons of Shopify Domain


  • Shopify is a reputed platform with a high trust value unlike some of the domain providers.
  • Shopify domain purchase includes encryption through SSL. This eliminates the need to manually install an SSL certificate.
  • It is easy to connect your domain purchased through Shopify to your Shopify store.


  • Domains on Shopify are priced higher than on platforms such as Hostinger.
  • Renewal costs can be higher than that of other domain registrars.
  • You may need to pay additional fees if you decide to shift from Shopify platform.

Do I need to buy hosting for Shopify?

After signing up on Shopify, hosting for your online store, so you do not need to purchase hosting separately. You can consider purchasing additional hosting resources if you witness rising traffic.
Purchasing additional hosting resources can give you more control over your online store’s performance and security. E.g.- To speed up page load times you can use a content delivery network (CDN) on your website.

Pros and Cons of Shopify Hosting


  • Simple to use with no coding knowledge required.
  • Store is encrypted with SSL certificate.
  • Shopify uses CDN so your site does not suffer with high load time.
  • Great Customer Support


  • Expensive than other ecommerce hosting providers.
  • Limited free themes.


So to summarize you do not need to buy a domain for Shopify. However having a custom domain will definitely help your digital presence. You can buy custom domain from Shopify or from domain registrars such as Hostinger.

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